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It is a good Idea to keep a photo copy of your original claims for reference etc.
NOTE: When claiming any records please read all the form instructions regarding eligibility of your captures regarding lengths weights etc.
Some claims must be larger or heavier by a standard margin before they are eligible for a claim.

Fill in all the form with legible printing and remember to get signatures from all those in the form.

All claims must go direct to the Branch recorder who forwards
them to the National Recorder.
Don't forget to sign it yourself.
Record claim forms are also usually available from your club recorder and if not you can get them from the Branch executive.

As above usually from your club recorder.
Fill this one out to claim your Masters Award captures, keep a copy for your records.
This is for club members to help with the finances of the web page. As you are well aware costs of internet are not cheap and any assistance is gratefully received. Copy form and Mail Me Here.
The angler should complete an IGFA World Record claim form and forward the form together with the line sample and processing fee direct to IGFA at 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dana Beach, Florida, 3304 U.S.A. A photocopy of the completed IGFA claim form should be taken and the copy forwarded onto the ANSA National Recorder. This copy can be sent by the angler or the club recorder direct to the National Recorder or via the State Branch Recorder – particularly if a State record is also involved.